Natural Tung Oil Finishes


Solstice Eco Building Supply is proud to carry Tung Oil finishing products by Real Milk Paint Co. These natural oil finishes are made with 100% pure raw tung oil, meaning they come without any heavy metals, additives, or petroleum distillates. Pure tung oil will not build a gloss finish or heavy finish on the surface, but rather, will penetrate deeply into the wood to enhance the natural character and appearance, while adding water resistance. Unlike with top-coat finishes like polyurethanes and varnishes, because tung oil soaks in and becomes one with the material it’s applied to there’s never any issues with the finish flaking or chipping off, and any wear areas or thirsty looking areas can simply be spot-refreshed with an additional application, or sanded to remove scratches and refreshed with another application of oil only as needed. Tung Oil is perfect for wood counter tops, bowls, butcher blocks, cutting boards, chopping blocks, dining tables, indoor and outdoor furniture, decks, flooring, doors, windows, trim, siding, patio covers, fences, gates, even concrete, brick, earthen floors, and just about any porous surface that you’d like to seal and enrich with a natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly finish.


We keep lots of Real Milk Paint Company’s tung oil products in stock. CONTACT US for more information or to place an order/schedule a pick up.